History item 10

In June, the second stage of the Myronivka chicken farm was completed and the farm became fully operational with an annual poultry production level of approximately 220,000 tonnes. Myronivka chicken farm is currently the largest facility by production volume in Ukraine’s chicken meat sector and one of the largest poultry production facilities in Europe.

In September, as part of its vertical integration strategy and in addition to the existing sunflower processing facilities at MFC, MHP opened a new sunflower processing factory at its Katerynopolsky Elevator facility which will allow MHP to meet the increased demand for sunflower protein required for the production of fodder as a result of the completion of Myronivka. The factory produces, as a by-product, additional amounts of sunflower oil for export. The factory is currently operating at full capacity of 620 tonnes of sunflower seeds per day. This allowed MHP to increase its total sunflower processing capacity by 50%.

In April, the “Nasha Riaba” brand underwent a successful rebranding to maintain its appeal to its expanding customer base.

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